Woodman Point Wastewater Plant

Woodman Point Wastewater Plant

Client: BVCJV

Value: $100m – $250m

Category: Water

Description: The Woodman Point Wastewater Treatment is the largest wastewater treatment plant in Western Australia. The upgrade project will increase the plant’s capacity from 140 million litres a day to 180 million litres per day, accommodating a population of more than 900,000 people.

Scope: This project was a Citect SCADA to ClearSCADA Upgrade of the entire Woodman Point WWTP process control system. The system comprised a number of PLCs connected to a Schneider Electric Citect SCADA system. The Citect SCADA system included a database located on redundant servers with multiple Human Machine Interfaces (HMI’s).

The plant process control system was upgraded so that all plant PLC’s connected to the new Schneider Electric ClearSCADA system.

All existing plant PLC’s that were upgraded and all new plant PLC’s on completion were to successfully interface with the new ClearSCADA system.  Because the CitectSCADA system was not compatible with the ClearSCADA system the upgrade involved a complete replacement of the existing SCADA database and HMI’s with the new ClearSCADA system.